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Landscaping and Aesthetics

This project will include the construction of five new sound walls, retaining walls at the bridges and in the median, and aesthetic elements highlighting the gateway to the City of Reno. The sound walls range from eight to 18 feet in height. Sound walls are the used to mitigate traffic noise impacts to adjacent property owners and residents. The sound walls are generally constructed at the edge of the roadway to maximize noise reduction.

Sound walls provide a canvas for visually pleasing treatments. Sound wall and retaining wall aesthetic patterns are inspired by native Peavine Mountain Aspen trees.  Two distinct patterns will be cast into the concrete.  One pattern reflects the trunk and bark of the trees, and the other represents the leaves.  The trunk pattern will be on both sides of the sound walls, while the leaf pattern will be on the retaining walls.  All surfaces will be painted. 

For the North Virginia Street gateway to the City of Reno, a large aesthetic element will be visible from both U.S. 395 as well as North Virginia Street.  This 27-foot-tall piece will include five different colors and be constructed of concrete, steel, and polyacrylic panels, similar to the materials used at the Parr/Dandini Interchange. Subtle lighting will enhance the night view. The structure draws inspiration from early Reno architecture and the Reno arch.

Ground treatments include preservation of existing plant material, seeding, native plantings, rock, and boulders.

Driver’s view at Panther Valley Interchange on the northbound offramp looking towards North Virginia Street. The landscaping aesthetics include a Decorative Structure on the left enhanced with boulders and decorative rock. The bridge rail includes a subtle pattern that references the Reno Arch.

On U.S. 395 at Panther Valley Interchange looking north and south, drivers can catch a glimpse of the decorative structures popping up from behind the barrier rail.

Driver’s view at Panther Valley Interchange on the northbound onramp looking east traveling from North Virginia Street to U.S. 395 northbound.

Closer view of the decorative structure located at the Panther Valley Interchange along U.S. 395.